Wednesday, December 26, 2007

15 Important tips for growing your skin

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15 Important tips for growing your skin

  1. You should wash your face with warm water (not hot water).washing with warm water would open the clogged pores and stimulate the blood circulation of your skin.
  2. You should wet your face and then squeeze a dime-sized dab of cleanser in to your palm, then rub your hands together and move it in circles gently all over your face.
  3. You should rinse with cool (not chilled) water. Washing with cool water tighten the pores of your skin. Remember that if you wash your face with too hot or cold water then it might cause broken capillaries.
  4. You should not wash your face with medicated cleanser if you have acne problem. If you use excessive medicated cleanser then it might result in dry and irritated skin.
  5. You should use a gentle cleanser, that suits your skin type and keep it fuss free.Do not feel that you should spend lots of money on cleansers.
  6. You should use a separate product to remove your eye make up and do not forget to remove your entire make up before you go to bed.
  7. Drink lots of water.
  8. Go easy on the stress.
  9. Check your diet. Fruits and vegetables are important for healthy skin
  10. Don't smoke.
  11. Cut down on alcoholic beverages. They dehydrate the skin
  12. Wash your face at least twice a day.
  13. Exercise.
  14. Take a skin softening milk bath.
  15. Sun rays help make vitamin D in your body. Walk or sit in the morning sun for a while every day.

he 5 most important qualities for Successful Skin Care

Achieving a healthy, glowing skin is absolutely within reach. It is possible to possess the youthful appearance without having to pay an arm and leg for cosmetic makeovers or even surgery. With all the technologies and know-how that are available these days, it is very easy to get the result that you desire. You can look and feel your best. Before you begin to invest your time, energy, and money on skin care products and procedures, you should know certain traits and qualities towards successful skin care. Learning these traits will help you to make a better assessment of your skin care goals and save your valuable time and money.

  • Having reasonable expectations: If you are in your late forties, you should not expect to look like someone who is in her twenties. With proper skin and overall health maintenance, a sensible expectation for a woman who is within this age group has a likelihood to look younger by ten, or even fifteen years .Comparing yourself to actors and actresses in Hollywood or models that you see in magazines is not realistic and they might only lead to disappointment and frustration.
  • Be motivated: What are your bases for looking younger and feeling better or why is it so important for you to look young? Generally, there is a fundamental reason why people want to enhance their appearance to look and feel younger. There may be many reasons like a new relationship, a new job, or maybe for the reason that you feel younger than you look. Determining your motive for improvement can help you create a goal that will enable you to make the right choice.
  • Dedication: Answering the following questions determine your commitment to achieve the look you want. These questions will also give you a better understanding on your skin care routine and behavior. -To what extent will you go to achieve the outcome you want? -Do you always think about what your skin looks like and how you can improve it? -How much money are you willing to spend to improve the way you look? -Do you prefer to carry on a daily routine that offers a slow and steady improvement or go for something that offers a quick fix?
  • Patience:" The best things in life take a little longer to come". So in order to achieve a healthy and radiant skin, it takes protection and caring everyday.
  • Health: Many people underestimate the benefits of healthy living, healthy eating, and vigorous exercise. Combining the right foods with the right amount of positive activities

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