Monday, December 31, 2007

5 Tips for Clear and soft skin

Here are 5 Tips to get Silky, Smooth and Clear skin for you. Most of them are fairly straight forward and comes from common sense but still it is important that you follow them as we have seen people just don't care about it.
1. Avoid the sun

But the sun is everywhere, you might think. The sun’s heat as well as its invisible ultra violet rays, cause more damage to our skin than any other element of nature. Most people spend the summers in skimpy swimsuits that barely cover their bodies.
Sun Screens and Sun blocks helps to minimize sun damage, but staying in the shade and wearing white cotton clothes helps avoid most of the sun’s rays. Wrinkles are created when the skin becomes dry and loses its elasticity.

2. Eat lots of vegetables and fruits

We cannot reiterate this enough times, nothing ages us more than what we put into our bodies. The processed foods that we eat daily are filled with artificial ingredients that our bodies cannot digest and they leave our skin lifeless and dull.
In contrast, a breakfast of freshly juiced combination of fruits and vegetables which are known for their anti-oxidant properties can help keep our skin glowing and supple.

3. Drink 8 glasses of water every day

Eight glasses? That sounds like a lot, right? The 5000 year old Indian Health system called Ayurveda recommends that to clear our body of impurities, we must drink at least three or more glasses of lukewarm water the first thing in the morning!
And more throughout the day! People who do follow that sage advice usually have clear, smooth, amazing skin. Skin gives us the first indication of illnesses, whether it is a pale, ghostly look or gray, ashen look, our outward appearance immediately signals the condition of our health.

4. Exercise daily

Sweat it out. Sweat is a combination of dirt, impurities, and other excretions that the body needs to get rid of. By sweating, our body regulates its temperature, hormones, bacterial toxins, and emotions. Most of us who do aerobic exercises know that the longer we stay on our treadmills or jogging schedules, the happier we feel.

This is because exercise stimulates endorphins or happy hormones (called the runner’s high). Meditation and Yoga are also tremendously helpful to keep our emotional and physical systems running smoothly so that our body and mind are in top condition.

5. Protect and preserve your skin

Starting from childhood, before the first signs of aging are visible, we have to fight the effects of nature, from the wind, the sun and other forces that wreak havoc on our skin.

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