Saturday, December 29, 2007

Homemade Recipes for Skin Pigmentation

  1. Apply Vit E Capsule(400mg) on the affected area before you to bed.
  2. Grate some raw potato and squeeze the juice out of it and apply on the face.Rince after 20 mins.
  3. Mix some Lemon and Cucumber juice in equal quantity and then apply on the afce to fell the difference.
  4. Orange juice which is really good to drink as well as to apply to your face.
  5. Apply Multani mitti+ Rose water which will help you
  6. Apply milk and just massage it for 5 minutes and let it dry for some time and wash it of
  7. Apply Pppaya+ Milk which will help as scrubber
  8. You can apply tamotoes as well as Potatoes if it suits your skin type FIRST CHECK IT OUT ON YOUR HAND AND THEN APPLY ON YOUR FACE.
  9. Cucumber+honey+yogurt for glowing apply it and massage and let it dry.
  10. Use Besan+ Turmeric+honey+milk or curd+Roes water allow it to dry and wash do this daily if possible.
  11. Apply (smashed Banana) and let it dry and wash
  12. Apply rosewater +glycerine which will help you
  13. Orange peel of powder can be applied for better glowing in the face.
  14. We can apply watermelon juice and let it dry and wash and see the magic.
  15. Besides all these one should eat well +drink lot of water+sleep well
  16. Mix egg white, carrot and honey and use it as a pack ..........

Use all and let me knw the results..


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