Monday, December 31, 2007

Hair Care

Hair Care

People may opt for a shorter do because caring for a longer one may be such a hassle. However, long hair does have numerous benefits including unlimited styles that can be done with it. So caring for long hair can really be worth it.

When talking about hair care for long hair, it does not necessarily mean stocking up on numerous conditioners and shampoos and availing of many hair care treatments. Once you find the right product to use, then all you need to do is have the right management.

This way, your hair care will be more on the natural side and you can avoid all the damage that the chemicals from hair care products might do to you.

Long hair care tips include not sleeping with your hair in a ponytail or done in a braid. This will stress the hair immensely and will eventually lead to damage. When styling your long hair in a braid, do not make it too tight or else you might end up with hair loss. It would greatly help if you make use of a scrunchie or a band that is specially treated not to cause damage to hair.

When you use untreated bands, bows, and clips, limit it. When it comes to growing your hair longer, one very good natural hair care to administer is trimming. If you just let your hair grow longer like that, split ends will happen. If you plan on letting your hair grow more, administer trimming once every three months.

If you choose to maintain the length you have now, one trimming in every 1 ½ months will do. Another hair care tip is not to use a brush on a tangled hair.

The hair will be stretched dramatically and breakage will occur. Try using wide tooth combs, your fingers, or a pick in detangling. As you try to loosen the tangles of your long hair, start from the tips of the hair towards the roots.

Make sure you are gentle with your hair.

Before having your hair washed, make sure you remove all the tangles first. Styling and drying will be a lot easier this way. When drying the hair, do not rub with a towel.

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