Saturday, December 29, 2007

Control Pimples

How to control Pimples/Acne?

Mix 10 grams juice of white onions with 5 grams honey and 1 gram rock salt and apply on pimples.
Wash your face thrice a day and apply calamine lotion on the pimples.
Apply a paste made out of ground mint leaves on the pimples and leave overnight. This will ease the pimples and clear other blemishes also.
Never pick pimples for if you do so they leave scars.
Take a little each of rice, poppy-seeds & almonds and grind to a fine powder and mix it with 2 tablespoons of curd and apply to your face. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes and then wash it off and see your skin glow and the pimple marks fade away slowly.
Take out the fat from the curd and apply this curd to pimple and face and take shower after 15 minutes.
Warm honey and mix gram flour and apply this paste to face. Wash with warm water after it dries.
Grind mint leaves and apply on pimples and wash after 5 minutes.
Tulsi is a great medicine. Grind tulsi leaves and apply on pimples.
Pimple/Acne and Aloe Vera story.
1. Aloe Vera helps in the healthy growth of the outermost layer of the skin and acts as a moisturiser. So, add cucumber with Aloe juice or pulp for moisturising your skin. It works as an anti-wrinkle cream, leaving behind a glowing skin. It improves elasticity of skin and removes dryness.
2. It maintains fairness and acts as a sunscreen lotion.
3. For acne, a mixture of Aloe gel and turmeric powder can be used as a face pack. Carrot juice should also be taken orally to cure acne.
4. It also maintains the texture of hair strands and has properties to fight dandruff. Apply leaf pulp on the scalp for an hour before hair wash. Its weekly use would bring dandruff under control.
5. An ointment of Aloe-gel, bee wax and olive oil or coconut oil is a good remedy for skin burns, thermal burns, radiation burns, abrasions and skin irritations.
6. Aloe gel mixed with milk can be taken internally to cure radiation burns in the intestines.
7. Tender leaves mixed with the powder of cumin seeds and sugar candies are an excellent remedy for bloody loose motions.
8. The juice of leaves mixed with a little opium, if applied to the forehead relieves headache.
9. Aloe leaf juice mixed with sesame oil and boiled, makes a fine hair oil. It is useful in curing sleeplessness.
Female’s Corner
The yellow-coloured viscous Gel from leaves is used for treatment of gynaecological problems and menstrual disorders. It regulates menstruation, reduces premenstrual tension, painful menses and helps women during menopause. It will reduce generalised pain and fatigue and increases the quantity of the menstrual flow.
One tablespoon of Aloe leaf pulp must to be taken daily for a week, before the expected date of menstruation. This should be stopped once the periods start. Repeat for 4-5 months. The results would be overwhelming.
There are strong purgatives in the ‘Aloe Vera,’ leaf. So pregnant women should not use it.

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