Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Face Masks

egg yolk n milk

1 egg yolk
2 spoons whole milk

beat egg yolk with milk......
apply on face.
wait for 20 min....
rinse with cold water......

vitamin treat

1 spoon curd(yogurt)
1/2 spoon lemon juice
1/2 honey
3 vit. E capsules(u can get these in any medical store.... they are filled with a liquid of vit.E)

mix yogurt, honey n lemon juice in a bowl.
now take a scissor or needle(take care thr shud not b any rust on them).
cut or prick the capsule.
add d liquid of 3 capsules into above mixture.
discard the remaning shells....

apply on face n enjoy this treat for 15-20 mins......
wash with cold water.

mask for aging skin

take a banana. mash it to a creamy texture......
apply it on face.....
let it dry for 20 mins.......
n wash with cold water

Acne Mask

Make a face pack of bran plus a little baking soda and water.
Mix into a paste, apply to the face, leaving on for 15 minutes.
Rinse with solution of 1 part apple cider vinegar and 8 parts water.

1 tsp. Groundnut oil mixed with an equal amt. of lime juice
may be applied daily to prevent formation of blackheads,
pimples and helps in acne treatment.

Get some rosewater in bowl. Add equal amount of cucumber
paste on it. Stir it properly and have a pack of it for 20
minutes. It will also help in controlling pimples.

After washing skin rinse with any of the following
herb infusions:
chamomile which is purifying
yarrow to eliminate toxins
catnip which is an antiseptic
lavender which is antiseptic
thyme which is a strong germ killer

Turmeric paste mixed with chana dal powder or whole
wheat flour is very effective homemade acne masks. Haldi powder
mixed with sugarcane juice helps to remove pimples.

Mint: Peppermint is an excellent antiseptic wash for

Garlic: Peel and mash eight cloves of fresh garlic.
Apply to pimple on face avoiding the area around the eyes.
Leave on for about 15 minutes. Wash off with a warm cloth.
Finish with a rinse of the vinegar pH balancer.(some sensitive skin may get burning sensation, so please avoid)

Caution(as we all noticed that mostly people ask this): In general, don't apply any acne facial masks more often
than about twice a week, and try to vary the ingredients.
Test your homemade acne masks on the inside of your wrist first
before putting it on your face.

*.*.*.*for skin shining*.*.*.*.*.*

take mustard n grind it too fine.
now add enough water to make a paste.
u can also add few drops of almond oil bt those having oily face never add alomnd oil.
rub this paste continuously 10-15 minutes on ur face.
more rub more gud effects.
regularly use of this paste results a very shiny n healty skin.

before go to bed
2 table spoo milk
1 tea spoon fine frinded salt.
mix it n
massage it on ur skin continuously until it vanished or dry
and after massage nt wash ur face.
wash ur face nxt morning when u wake up.
regularly use will effect very soon on ur skin it ur skin fair and glows naturally.

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