Thursday, December 27, 2007

Cleansers (2)!!!!

Granular Cleanser

  • Granular Cleanser-1( for normal, combination and dry skin) To Make : Mix equal parts finely ground oatmeal(oat flour), wheat barn, and honey. Mix small amount of olive oil and apple cider vinegar to make a paste and a couple of drops of lavender essential oil of your choice.

    To use : Rinse your face with warm water. Apply cleanser and gently hug and press the skin with slight massage. Rinse well with warm water followed by cool water splash.

  • Granular Cleanser-2( for normal, combination and dry skin)

    To Make : Mix 1 part finely ground almonds flour, 1 part oat flour, and 1 part finely ground herb blend(rose, lavender, and comfrey leaf in equal parts).

    To use : Put 1 tablespoon of this dry mixture in the palm of your hand and mix with sweet almond oil, water, milk, or aloe vera to form a paste. Work gently over moistened skin. Do not scrub.

Herbal Milk Cleanser

For all skin types

To Make : Soak 1 heaping tablespoon of a dried herb or herb blend in a cup of cold, whole, raw milk for a couple of hours. Strain and refrigerate the milk.

To use : Rinse your face with warm water. shake the milk cleanser, and dip a cotton ball. rinse with warm water and follow with a cool-water splash.

This is a true milk cleanser. Milk cleanser as we know them commercial products are an emulsion of water and oil.

Whole milk, with the fat globules throughout, also provides this water-and-oil mix. (this cleanser will not remove water-resistant make-up).

To custom-make an herbal cleansing milk for specific skin types, use the following herbal combination :

  1. Normal : equal parts comfrey leaf, lavender, rose, rosemary.
  2. Oily : equal parts chamomile, comfrey leaf, rosemary, elderflower.
  3. Sensitive : Equal parts rose, chamomile.
  4. Blemished : Equal parts lavender, licorice, comfrey, chamomile, sage.
  5. Mature : equal parts chamomile, lavender, comfrey, leaf, orange blossom, rose.

    Scrub Facial Cleanser

    Scrub and Glow Facial Cleanser

    The Ingredients required are as :

    1 cup oatmeal, uncooked
    1 tablespoon salt
    1/4 cup farina

    Grind oatmeal in a blender till it become soft, flaky.

    Do not powder it just combine oatmeal with farina and salt.

    Splash face with hot water and wet it.

    Take mixture on moist fingers and rub face with the powder.

    Rub all of your facial skin gently. Wash with sufficient hot water.

    Apply Vinegar Rinse. Use it for 5 to 8 days, then you start using milder cleanser

    Sweet Cleansing Grains

    The Ingredients required are as :

    1 teaspoon granulated sugar
    A little soap lather

    Mix well, and use the same as you would any cleansing grains.

    Witch Hazel Skin Clarifier

    The Ingredients required are as :

    3/4 cup witch hazel
    1/4 cup rubbing alcohol

    Mix the ingredients and store in a tightly capped, sterilized glass bottle.

    Moisten a cotton ball and clean your face with this solution before applying moisturizer.

    Skin should feel tingly by using this clarifier.

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