Wednesday, December 26, 2007

For Fresh skin

almond n milk mask

to Softens and gently lightens skin. Good for acne scars and pigmentation problems.

Method: Mix together 10 freshly ground almonds, milk powder and honey, to create an almond and milk mash. Apply the paste to face and neck, and leave to dry. Then, scrub with fresh milk and wash off with cool water.


Mix Cucumber water

Rose water


Apply on face for 15 minutes and wash.


. Blend equal quantities of strawberries, pear, grapes, apples and orange in a blender.ADD honey, Apply a thin film on face and apply this deliciously good fruit mask. Let it stand for 30 minutes and rinse off with warm water.

. Powder orange peels and blend in curds. Apply on scarred or pigmented areas and wash off after 15 minutes with cold water.

~~~~for Pinkish Skin~~~~

2 cup besan
4 table spoon dry milk
2 table spoon haldi
3 table spoon dry rose petals(powder)
(or u can take rose flower,dry it in sunlight n than make powder by grinding it)
en sab ko mix karney k baad glass k jar main rakh lain

dry or oily skin dono k leye

dry skin wali sisters en sab ko milk main paste pana k face per laga k dry honay tak chor dain abt 5 to 6 min jab tak k dry hojay phr halka gela haat kar k face per lagain takey skin k ouper laga paste halka gela hojaye, skin ko nechay sey ouper ki janib bohut softly massag karin phr thanday pani sey face dhoo lain

oily skin wali sisters pani main mixture ko banay milk main nahi

daily 2 times subha shaam face per ye apply karin aap 4 sey 5 days main he behud acha fark dekhainge es k use sey skin pink white and soft ho jati hay (soup use naa karin)

~~~ for glowing Skin~~~~

honey + fresh cream (balai)
20 min k leye face per apply karo or thanday pani sey face wash karlo
use regularly

!!!!!! for glowing skin!!!!!!!!!

put 1 spoon Chirongee (one dry Fruit) in Milk or rose water in the nigght hrs. Then next morning make a paste of it n take massage on yr face, feet or anybodypart which u want to make more attractive n it on a daily basis u'll see the result in less than n week time.

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