Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beauty Tips For Working Women

Being a working woman you are often invited to parties and outings immediately after work. In short time between work and party how will you manage to look fresh and beautiful. Here are some handy hints if you follow them you will be the cynsore of all eyes without even going home for a change.

1. Carry a few accessories in your bag like mini makeup kit, a few pieces of jewellery and a pair of shoes, or you can keep the makeup kit and shoes in your office in your locked drawer in case of emergencies.
2. Now for the change of dress: just remove the plain blouse you had worn to your office over your saree and wear zari choli or embroidered choli or blouse. Same with churidar Kameez or Salwar Kameez; just lock away your ordinary dupatta and wear an exotic dupatta and see the deference it makes to your appearance. The dupatta and the blouse can make a big difference to the occasion. If you have worn pants or skirt and jacket, then wear under a stripy nicely embroidered and sequined top and in the evening just lock away the jacket and your days clothes will be complete transformed.
3. In the make up kit always carry foundation, lipstick and mascara. Wash the face nicely, then apply foundation all over the face after mixing it with little rose water. Blend thoroughly with upward outward strokes over the entire face. Mascara is a must for the starry eyed look. If you do not prefer mascara, then you can use eyelash curler. By making lashes turn upwards they appear longer and eyes look larger. Place curler as near to the baseline as possible, squeeze for a few seconds and gently work the curler out towards the end of the lashes for a natural curl. To apply blusher, smile and place a little of your lipstick colour on the apple of the cheeks using a circular motion. Blend upwards and outwards until there are no lines to indicate where blusher begins and ends. For using lipstick, first outline the lips with a lipstick pencil and then fill in the colour with lipstick. For the more natural look, you can use a lip pencil that is either the colour of your skin or a shade darker. Fill the lips with plain lip gloss for a complete natural look. You may also use a frosted lipstick in natural tones, for a party a strong recommendation is to use waterproof lipstick which does not smudge.
4. You can either use a dressy bendi or you can make your own bindi with your lipstick.
5. And as for the ear-rings you can use hops which are latest fad in tinsel town. And lastly do not forget the perfume. While using perfume to avoid wastage and to ensure that it lasts you all evening you should dab it behind your ears and at the pulse points like wrists, inside your elbows, at the end of your neck line and inside your knees. In this way with each pulse beat the perfume will spread further and further not only enveloping you but also everybody else in its lasting fragrance.

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