Monday, January 7, 2008

Papaya For Health & Beauty

The ripe papaya fruit contains large quantities of carotene. Papayas are high in ascorbic acid content (vitamin C) and the flesh is very high in vitamin A. There are also small amounts of calcium, iron, thiamine, riboflavin and niacin present in papaya. It is low in calories and sodium, and high in potassium. Papaya is a common man’s fruit which is reasonably priced and has a high nutritive value. This fruit is available throughout the year. Like the banana tree nearly every part of the papaya tree is said to be useful and of medicinal value.

Papaya aids in digestion.Papaya contains a protein digesting enzyme called ‘papain’ and hence one of the best foods for digestion. The juice of the unripe fruit is used in the preparation of various remedies for indigestion and in the manufacture of meat tenderizers.

Papaya in cosmeticsPapaya fruit pulp and the dried latex is the basic component of many facial creams, salves and shampoos.

The skin of the ripe papaya can be refrigerated and later used to wash one’s face. The people of Java Island have a clear skin which they credit to papaya.

Papaya is anti-cancerousPapaya has been found to have anti-cancerous properties and also helps in prevention of gallstones.

Papaya for diabetics

Papaya is one fruit despite its sweetness is not contraindicated in diabetes.

Papaya to remove corns and warts.Touch the hardened skin or the corn/ wart with the milky juice oozing from the papaya leaf tip to soften it.

Papaya in delayed periods.Eating the green unripe papaya is effective in the case of delayed periods.

Aloe vera syrup is also an effective remedy.

Papaya to ease swellings.The juice of raw papaya, being an irritant, can be applied to swellings to prevent suppuration.

Papaya in respiratory disorders.The latex is useful in respiratory disorders like cough, bronchitis and breathlessness.

Papaya to cure chronic ulcers on skin.Mix some butter in the juice of papaya and apply for quick drying and healing of long standing ulcers.

Papaya for healing wounds.The skin of the papaya is a first class external treatment for skin wounds and surgical incisions and other places which do not heal quickly.

The pulp from the juicer can be used for this and as a poultice.
Papaya as an antidote for hypertension.The liberal amount of potassium in it helps in checking blood pressure and improving mental alertness.

Papayas provide protection against heart disease.

The nutrients in papaya help prevent the oxidation of cholesterol. Only when cholesterolbecomes oxidized is it able to stick to and build up in blood vessel walls, forming dangerous plaques that can eventually cause heart attacks or strokes.

Papaya boosts the immune system.The beta-carotene in papaya, is needed for the proper function of a healthy immune system.

Papaya is therefore, a healthy fruit choice for preventing such illnesses as recurrent ear infections, colds and flu.Papaya for better eyesightEating 3 or more servings of this fruit per day may lower your risk of age-related macular degeneration, the primary cause of vision loss in older adults.

Papaya is good for skin.Intake of papaya reduces the effects of stress and strain of modern life on skin. The enzyme papain acts as an exfoliative agent and removes dead cells and lifts away the dry skin.

The antioxidants in papaya control premature ageing of the skin, thus imparting a youthful look.Papaya face pack for pimples, blemishes and frecklesApply finely ground paste of raw papaya on the face for 15-20 minutes.

It is beneficial for pimples, freckles and other embarrassing blemishes besides making the skin smooth and soft.Papaya face pack for dry skinMash a small section of papaya; mix it with one tsp of milk cream (malai). Apply on the face for 15-20 minutes. Then wash it off. This pack is very effective for dry skin.

Papaya face pack:
Apply 2 tablespoons of papaya pulp on your face and let it dry. Then wash off with lukewarm water. One can also mix lemon juice in it


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