Thursday, January 3, 2008

Egg Pack For wrinkles


Whisk away those wrinkles and keep your facial skin soft and supple, by using these homemade egg-based face-packs. . For normal skin, mix the yolk of one egg, with two spoonfuls of rosewater and one spoonful of honey and preserve. Use it once a week. It is especially useful in the winter, to keep skin soft and glowing. .

For wrinkles , take the white of an egg, beat it, mix in it three teaspoonfuls of oat powder, one spoonful of honey and apply on the face. . For dry skin, use this regularly. Mix the yolk of one egg, two spoonfuls of orange juice, a few drops of sweet almond oil and half a spoon of lemon juice. Mix well, beat and apply. Keep it for half an hour before washing off.

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