Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Color of Your Clothing Says about You

What the Color of Your Clothing Says about You????

  • Black - Conservative yet sexy, you know that black is versatile. Wearing black clothing makes you appear thinner, giving your self-esteem a turbo-boost.

  • Pink - Traditional and charming, pink is feminine all the way. A pink and black combo is a trendy twosome for women who like to add mystery to their otherwise girly image.

  • Red - Bold and vibrant, you like to be the center of attention. Red portrays the adventurous side of you that's undeniable.

  • Blue - Fun-loving and free, blue clothing attracts independent women who are comfortable with their inner-selves and achievements.

  • Orange - Extroverted and gutsy, orange means you like to stand out in a crowd. Never taking life for granted, you enjoy new challenges and have a tendency to come out on top.

  • Yellow - Always the optimist, you're athletic and outdoorsy. Yellow reflects a vibrant personality and great intuition.

  • White - Those who favor white prefer "safe" colors for a perfect match. White can be a great accent for a deep, dark tan, adding sex-appeal to the "colorless" color.

  • Green - If you're hot on green, you're a down-to-earth, natural beauty. While somewhat stubborn, you're still "the girl next door" who likes to have fun.

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