Thursday, January 3, 2008

Skin Care Tips

Skin Care Tips

Everyone wants to have a vibrant and healthy looking skin and also want to be thin. We want to be like models we see in TV commercials and it is what been shown also. Now both men and women are conscious of their skin. People often feel that their skin get cracked in winters as it become more dry. In summers we get dry skin. One can use few tips which can really help a person get a good, healthier and vibrant skin which looks beautiful and you yourself would love it.

The most crucial reason for the drying up of skin is because of dehydration. It can be in summers and as well as in winters. The easiest way out of this is to drink plenty of water daily. It is advisable to drink around eight glass of water daily. The person should also try to avoid low humidity areas as in such conditions the skin tends to become more dry then what it was. Again, drinking lots of water can restore dehydrated water and prevent the skin from becoming dry.

A person can also go for some natural remedies like a person can wash own face with the paste of milk, sandalwood powder and rose water which helps to protect the person’s body from any bacteria formation and also restores any moisture lost thus making skin more vibrant and free of dryness. A person can also wash his or her face with the mixture of lemon juice and honey. This is very good natural remedy that helps the skin to become smooth and free from dryness. Eating lot of green vegetables can also help the skin as it has some essential elements that protect the skin from cracking which is a common phenomenon during winters.

A person can also massage his or her body with oil roughly twenty minutes before going to bath. This is easiest and the best way to get rid of dry skin and get a smooth and soft skin. A big mistake that lots of people makes is that after the bath lots of people rub their body hard with towel which is a wrong habit as it damages the skin. One should be gentle with the skin and should dry water on the skin with the towel gently.

One can also wash his or her face every time he or she comes back home from outside. This will remove all the dust and/or bacteria present on the face and thus can prevent the person for acne. One should also drink milk with honey as this combination gives lot of energy to the body and also purifies the blood thus preventing the formation of any red spots on the skin.

If one has oily skin then that person should wash his or her face and hands at least twice a day. This will prevent the clogging of the pores present on the skin and thus can prevent the skin from becoming oily.

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