Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Beauty Tips

The beauty tips section for women constitutes make-up tips and homemade herbal beauty products and age old beauty tips and remedies for simply glowing and healthy skin as the natural skin care products are great for enhancement of skin health and quality. One of the most essential tips for a beautiful skin and make-up tip is to store your make-up accessories in a cool and dry place away from sunrays and moisture and avoid using greasy lipstick and using moisturizer or cleansing milk for dry skin before applying foundation is a must, while for oily skin it's better to use astringent before applying foundation and concealers which are also meant for hiding pigments and dark circles. One important aspect about facial beauty and make-up is the usage of the right colors like beige or golden and avoid using shades of pink, while with eye pencils and liners the shades of brown and gray are more in fashion presently rather than the harsh black tones. Most people tend to apply different types of herbal and homemade facial packs in order to ensure a smooth and healthy skin. One can also use the easiest homemade remedies, which ensure a regular use before going to sleep, and one can wake up with a beautiful skin. Its essential to know your skin type as different skin types need different types of cleansing products as dry skin needs moisturizers while oily skin needs astringents. In fact one can wash their face after removing make-up with the various fruit extracts and face packs like cucumber juice and watermelon juice etc are great for skin refreshment purpose while sandal face pack acts really well on removing pimples and wrinkles etc.

Few of the essential face pack blends are as follows:

  • Salt and lime juice mix: ingredients- raw milk-50ml, a pinch of salt and lime juice-2 tsp. This is an excellent cleansing lotion, which does deep pore cleansing of the skin and you get a smooth and glowing skin.
  • Turmeric, wheat flour and sesame oil mix: ingredients- turmeric powder, wheat flour taken in equal quantities, and sesame oil. Mix them and make a paste with sesame oil. This mixture is used mostly for hair removal.
  • Tomato lemon mix: ingredients- tomato juice-50ml, lemon juice-1 tsp. Blend this mixture and apply on face for soft and bright skin which is pimple free and has a lasting glow on the face.
  • Cabbage and honey pack: ingredients- cabbage juice-30ml, honey-1tsp. This mixture works excellently for wrinkle removal and use daily for best results.
  • Carrot pack: ingredients- raw carrots. Make a paste from raw carrots and apply on your face and rinse after an hour for a smooth and glowing and healthy skin.
  • Cucumber wash: ingredients - cucumber juice, rose water, and limejuice. Blend these ingredients in equal quantities and apply on your skin for over-night and rinse off in the morning for a clear complexion and healthy skin.
In order to remove acne and pimples one simple homemade exfoliator is cornmeal olive oil mix.


cornmeal- ½ cup, milk- ¼ cup, baking soda-2 tsp, olive oil-1tsp, and tea tree oil-5 drops. Blend these ingredients in a mixing bowl and apply this on your skin. Avoid mostly dairy products for having a healthy and glowing skin minus acne and pimples. While applying foundation add 2 drops of water for a smooth and soft finishing. While doing face make up its essential to do the eyes and eye brows properly. Know your skin type and then decide whether to use astringents or moisturizer before applying make-up. For getting the right kind of look and appeal, one should get the right kind of hair cut which suits their face cut. To know more about the beauty tip for the face visit .

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