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Tomatoes For Healthy Skin

Tomatoes For Healthy Skin

Tomato Cleanses and Rejuvenates the skin.

Tomato is excellent for cleaning and rejuvenating the skin. We will give three applications: in a face peel, as a mask and in a cleansing grain. Later we will show how it can be used to restore skin damaged by sunburn.

Face Peels

Tomato is excellent for a face peel that loosens the top layer of dead skin cells and rub them off. It is good for all types of skins.Rub tomato slices directly into your clean skin, concentrating on areas infested with blackheads. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which has healing powers, and an acid that removes dead skin and unplugs pores, making skin soft and radiant.

Tomato Mask

Slice a ripe tomato as thin as possible. Lie down and close your eyes. Apply the slices to your face. Wait 10 to 15 minutes. Let the juices seep into your skin. After the 10 to 15 minutes are up, use a slice to rub the juices further into the skin. The tomato works as a face peel, removing all dead, dry skin and leaving your face soft, glossy, and smooth. Rub off the excess tomato, leaving the residue on your skin. The mild natural acidity of the tomato restores the PH balance of your skin.

Tomato-Almond Meal Grains

For tougher face cleaning applications a more abrasive and effective mixture may be needed.Add almond slices into a blender. Pulverize. Add an equal amount of mashed ripe tomato. Mix well. Apply over the area of the skin you want.This cleansing grain removes rough dead skin cells, and makes the skin smooth. It is also effective against blockheads. This will work against even the most stubborn areas around the nose and chin. It stimulates circulation and restores the color of sallow, tired skin.Remove the mixture with cool water or wipe it off, leaving a coating of the natural oils and juices.

Healing Sunburn

Proponents say that tomatoes are useful for healing sunburn. Tomato can be used to transform a painful sunburn into a modest tan.Soak peeled tomato slices in buttermilk. Apply them directly on the skin affected. It will close up the pores and relieve the pain.Alternately, make a puree out of thinly peeled tomatoes. Add a little buttermilk (don't add too much; it will make the mixture runny.) Spread this mixture over the sunburned skin. This will give a tan over the spot where the sunburn used to be!

Heals Wounds and Sores

Tribal medicine men often prescribed poultices made from the leaves of wild tomato to heal wounds and sores. You can get the benefit of the wound healing property of tomato from the fruit also. Take a slice of fresh tomato; wrap it around the finger. Apply an adhesive tape to hold the tomato in place. Change the tomato slices 2-3 times a day. The infection (bad wounds and pus) will normally clear within 2-3 days.

Restores Vitality

For Persistent FatigueHypoglycemic people (those who have low blood sugar) are beset with constant fatigue and lack of energy. Tomatoes are useful in rebuilding their strength. Tomato affect this process three ways:Tomatoes contain several naturally occurring sugars. These account for nearly 50 % of the total dry matter. Ripe tomatoes are especially high in glucose and fructose.Tomatoes stimulate liver mechanism. Doctors at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan reported that fresh tomato juice was extremely effective in accelerating the glycogen (blood sugar) formation in normal rabbits.Tomato seeds are a great source of protein. Scientists say that tomato seed protein is similar to that of sunflower and soybean.

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