Thursday, January 3, 2008

Beauty Tips

Everybody in this world wants to look beautiful. A person who is beautiful wants to enhance his or her beauty. Some are ought to look beautiful weather by plastic surgery or by using cosmetic products as their job demands so like in sales. One can imagine the condition of a college going girl who is suffering from acne. One tries to do every effort possible so that one looks beautiful and charming. If a person do not look beautiful and want to then that person looses self confidence and cannot face the future with full efforts. If such a person is able to enhance his or her beauty then that person can not only excel in professional life but also in personal life.
Few beauty tips that can help person look beautiful or enhance his or her beauty are:-
• One should try to drink minimum of eight glass of water daily.
• To make your body smell good and kill bacteria then one should add four to five drop of milk and mix it with rose water and sandalwood and then apply this to the body and face. Keep this mixture for 20 minutes and then take a bath.
• One can also apply the mixture of lemon juice with warm honey and apply it to face and then wash it.
• Milk has got lots of moisturizer in it that can help one to keep their body smooth. So, one can massage one’s skin with this.
• Lots of people like to take a bath with hot water, but taking a bath with hot water do not refreshes a person, so it is always good to take a bath with a little cold water. One should also not rub one’s skin roughly with towel but try to be gentle.
• One can also apply mixture of water and mashed carrot on the skin to make it smooth.
• Massaging the body with the mixture of cream and turmeric powder to get a smooth skin.
• A person suffering from acne or who want to prevent acne should wash their face with face wash at least thrice a day. If one has came back from outside then also one should wash his or her face. This will prevent the formation of bacteria and will also remove one if it is there.
• The person should also try to eat at least five different colored foods daily. This will provide almost all type of nutrients that our body requires.
• One should avoid eating junk food and instead try to eat fresh fruits for snacks.
• A person should also have a proper sleep because if a person does not have proper sleep then that person will certainly not be as active as the person was.
• People can also do some exercise like jogging as this will keep the person fit and active.
• One should also try to eat lot of green vegetables as they can prevent the rupture of the skin.

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